Canada's rich and poor gap widens under Trudeau

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been so expensive. Last year, food banks had to handle 2 million visits in a single month, with a million more people expected in 2024. Meanwhile, the cost of rent has hit record highs, taking more and more money out of everyone’s pockets.
This misery was revealed again today through Food Banks Canada’s Poverty in Canada report. This showed that, under Trudeau, the prevalence of poverty has skyrocketed. In 2020, 6.4 percent of Canadians were considered impoverished. Now, according to the most recent numbers, the official poverty rate has climbed to 9.8 percent.
However, according to this latest report, the number of Canadians living in poverty is actually much higher. Food Banks Canada has reported that 25 percent of Canadians are living at a poverty level living standard. This number rises to 30 percent for Canadians aged between 18 to 30, and to 44.5 percent for single-parent households, while 42 percent of renters can't afford two or more household essentials.
This report also showed that 21.7 percent of Canadians can’t cover an unexpected expense of more than $500, while 8.8 percent of Canadians can’t pay their bills on time. On top of this, 7.2 percent of Canadians can’t afford to heat or cool their homes.
Worse still, 23 percent of Canadians who are likely living in poverty have employment income, meaning no matter how hard Canadians work, they still can’t get by.
Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost. Only Common Sense Conservatives will bring home powerful paycheques for all Canadians.