Canada's building trend weakens

Just the Facts: Canadians' Living Standards Falling
After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are seeing one of the steepest and longest falls of living standards in the history of the country.
The best way to measure how living standards are changing is by GDP per capita. A country with a high GDP per capita has a higher standard of living than one with a low GDP per capita. Generally, over the last 100 years, GDP per capita has been on a steady increase in countries like Canada.
But according to a new report from the Fraser Institute, Canada’s inflation-adjusted GDP per capita has fallen 3% in just the last four years. This is one of the steepest and longest declines of this measure of wealth in Canadian history.
This follows Statistics Canada and International Monetary Fund reports showing how perilous Canada’s falling GDP per capita problems truly are. Canada is experiencing the worst per-person income drop in the G7 over the last five years. American GDP per capita has grown by more than 8% since 2019, while Canada’s has fallen. Canada’s economy is underperforming the American economy by the widest margin since 1965.
Justin Trudeau’s policies have driven out investment, weakened workers' paycheques and increased the cost of living for every Canadian. They are why we are in a productivity crisis. Had they held the same trend line that the former Conservative government left them on, Canadians would be $4200 richer. Instead, we are in an affordability crisis, a productivity crisis, and at risk of a debt crisis.
Only a common sense Conservative government will fix the budget, cap the spending and axe the tax so Canadians can bring home powerful paycheques.