Under Trudeau, Canada has had the worst income growth since the 1930s

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been so difficult for working Canadians. The Liberal-NDP coalition have driven up the cost of everything with their inflationary taxes and continue to keep interest rates high with $60 billion of new inflationary spending.
As a direct result of this, a record number of Canadians are lining up outside of food banks, while the cost of heating and gas has become unaffordable. This is happening at a time when Canadian living standards are in sharp decline after Trudeau made it impossible to do business and earn powerful paycheques.
That’s why Common Sense Conservatives have been fighting hard in Parliament, holding the Liberal-NDP coalition accountable until a Conservative Government can bring common sense back to Ottawa. This session, Conservatives have worked to:
Axe the Tax
• Forced Trudeau and Guilbeault to reveal their own secret report which proved the carbon tax is hurting Canadians.
• Opposed the inflationary taxes that increase the cost of everything by forcing multiple votes on their April 1st carbon tax hike.
• Forced a non-confidence vote on the carbon tax to allow Canadians to vote in a carbon tax election.
• Called to give Canadians a summer tax break by axing the carbon tax, the federal fuel tax, and the GST on gasoline and diesel until Labour Day.
• Fought to pass Bill C-234 in its original form to axe the tax for Canadian farmers.
• Introduced Bill C-396 to stop the GST from being added to the carbon tax.
• Called on Justin Trudeau to convene an emergency carbon tax meeting with all 14 first ministers.
• Forced multiple votes calling on the government to spike their April 1st tax hike.
• Called for a pause on the carbon tax on home heating.
Build the Homes
• Offered solutions to fix Canada’s housing crisis by firing the gatekeepers and forcing municipalities to build homes people can afford.
• Forced a vote on Bill C-356, the Building Homes, Not Bureaucracy Act which would get homes built fast. This was defeated by the NDP-Liberal costly coalition.
• Forced investigations into Trudeau’s housing hell at multiple committees.
Fix the Budget
• Highlighted the inflationary spending in the Liberal-NDP budget and demanded Trudeau provides a path to balance to bring down inflation and interest rates sooner.
• Opposed Justin Trudeau’s agenda of economic vandalism at every opportunity, including by fighting back against the latest Liberal tax on doctors, homebuilders, plumbers and small business owners.
• Passed Bill C-241 at 3rd reading to allow tradespeople to deduct travel expenses.
• Demanded the Trudeau government repay taxpayers all funds paid to ArriveCan contractors and subcontractors who did no work.
Stop the Crime
• Called for an end to the government’s taxpayer-funded dangerous drugs regime, forcing them to end their project legalizing hard drugs in BC that has caused crime, death and disorder.
• Proposed concrete measures to address the auto theft crisis that’s being caused by Liberal-NDP soft-on-crime policies.
• Passed Bill C-270 at 2nd reading to end internet sexual exploitation.
• Passed Bill C-320 at 3rd reading to promote transparency and rights for victims of violent crime.
• Passed Bill C-321 at 3rd reading to support and protect first responders and health care workers who face violence while serving our communities.
• Introduced Bill C-379 to seek tougher penalties for repeat car thieves.
• Introduced Bill C-381 to protect Canadians from becoming victims of extortion.
• Introduced Bill C-351 to keep serial killers in maximum security prison.
• Introduced Bill C-376, which prohibits violent criminals from owning weapons.
• Introduced Bill C-370 to protect victims of serious crimes.
• Introduced Bill C-364 to enact harsher penalties for perpetrators of rural crime.
On top of that, Conservatives have exposed historic corruption at Trudeau’s Green Slush Fund, on the ArriveScam app, and in government contracts with their friends at McKinsey.
Life wasn’t so hard before Justin Trudeau, and it won’t be this hard after he’s gone.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will continue to fight for Canadians by axing the tax, building the homes, fixing the budget and stopping the crime.