Building Homes, Not Bureaucracy Act

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are living through a housing hell. Since Trudeau became Prime Minister, downpayments, mortgages, and rents have all doubled, and Canadian cities have become among the most expensive on earth.
It wasn’t like this before Justin Trudeau. The Liberal Government led Canadians into this housing crisis by failing to build enough homes for people to live in. The CHMC has said that Canada needs 5.8 million homes to restore housing affordability, yet Trudeau is building fewer homes than we did in the 1970s when we had half the population.
Justin Trudeau’s policies are not working. But despite this, the Liberal-NDP coalition, alongside the Bloc, decided to vote down the Common Sense Conservative housing Bill, which would’ve built the homes that Canadians desperately need.
The Building Homes, Not Bureaucracy Act would require cities to build more homes and speed up the rate at which they build homes every year to meet our housing targets. This plan would’ve rewarded cities that build homes, while penalizing the gatekeepers who get in the way of housing construction.
These are common sense solutions that will address the housing crisis Justin Trudeau has created in this country. But the Liberal-NDP coalition are no longer listening to Canadians.
Only a Common Sense Conservative Government will bring homes that Canadians can afford.