Bill C-379 seeks tougher penalties for repeat car thieves

The cost of insurance claims for auto theft has skyrocketed to $1.5 billion, smashing the all-time record according to a new report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). This is triple the average of 2018-2020, a 254% increase since 2018 and represents nearly 50,000 auto theft claims.
In Ontario, the numbers are even worse. Auto theft claims are up 524% in that province, and data from the Toronto Police Service shows that thieves are getting more brazen.
Carjackings have doubled this year, and break-and-enters have gotten so frequent that a TPS officer recommended that Torontonians leave their keys by their door to prevent thieves from coming further into the house.
Not only is the theft of a vehicle on its own distressing, but Canadians will pay higher insurance premiums as a result of this crime wave. Last year, IBC estimated that increased auto theft added an extra $130 to Ontarians' insurance payments, and it will add even more this year.
Justin Trudeau's dangerous catch-and-release Bill C-75 allows repeat offenders to be released on bail within hours of arrest, who then often go and promptly re-offend.
Even after offenders have been convicted, Trudeau's reckless Bill C-5 allows house arrest for these criminals. This means that they can just walk out their front door and be on the streets again immediately, stealing cars and terrorizing our neighbourhoods.
Conservatives have introduced a bill to the House of Commons that will introduce tougher penalties for repeat car thieves across Canada by bringing a mandatory minimum of three years in jail for those who have stolen a motor vehicle three times.
It will also provide primary consideration to the fact that the offence was committed for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a criminal organization.
A Pierre Poilievre government will hit the brakes on car theft, protect your property and bring home safe streets. It’s just common sense.