Bill C-21 Liberal Firearms Bill

Dear Friends,

In the midst of a pandemic, the Liberal government is chasing shadows instead of focusing on the things that matter to Canadians.

While gangs and violent criminals kill Canadians with illegal firearms, this Liberal government has decided that it is teenagers playing airsoft that are the real threat to the wellbeing of Canadians.

Rather than trying to stop the influx of illegal firearms into Canada, the Liberals are targeting law-abiding citizens, taking away their hobbies and breaking up communities that have been the foundation of many great relationships.

If the Liberals are really concerned about the violence perpetuated by those with illegal firearms, then why did they vote down my Conservative colleagues’ Private Member’s Bill C-268? This Bill would have imposed harsher sentences on those found in possession of or caught smuggling illegal firearms. It would have helped address the issue of illegal firearms coming across our border and getting into the hands of criminals.

The Liberals are trying to deflect from their poor record when it comes to dealing with violent criminals and illegal firearms.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The Liberals have already announced that they will begin a buyback program for over one thousand models of firearms that they outlawed. They have offered no clear path forward on this, leaving many law-abiding Canadians in limbo. The Liberals are doing everything they can to avoid focusing on the real problems facing Canadians and are using broad, ineffective measures that do not address the issues of illegal firearms and gang violence.

My Conservative colleagues and I will fight Bill C-21 and strive to put forward ideas and legislation that address the real issues that Canadians face every day.


Kelly Block, MP