Another Victim of "Soft on Crime"

Content Warning

Dear Friends,

22-year-old Marylène Lévesque was killed by a man serving a life sentence for killing his wife.

It should have never happened.

The killer, Eustachio Gallese, was released on day parole after his parole board allowed him to continue meeting with women to fulfill his “sexual needs”. He sought out the “services” of Lévesque before killing her.

By all appearance, the outrageous decision by the parole board condones breaking Canadian law. It certainly degrades the inherent dignity of humanity by treating women like disposable objects available to fulfill the desires of men on demand. And it is the reason Marylène Lévesque is dead.

Our Conservative Caucus introduced a motion to condemn those responsible, find out how this was allowed to happen and to ensure it never would again. The vote to support it was passed unanimously in the House thereby ordering the Public Safety Committee to hold hearings on this appalling decision, and to review the Liberal’s changes to the appointments process.

In 2017, the Liberals changed the parole board nomination process and appointed all-new board members. We must ensure that this process selects suitable board members who prioritize protecting the public, not the desires of criminals.

It is beyond contempt that an institution meant to protect Canadians should so carelessly place a woman in danger or support in any way the ongoing and daily victimization of women through prostitution.

Our Conservative Caucus is also seeking an amendment to a Bill introduced this week. The amendment would ensure parole board members receive proper training regarding sexual crimes.

While none of this can bring back Marylène Lévesque, we can ensure she receives justice for the heinous crime that took her life. Those responsible for this outrage will be held to account.

I hope this information has been of interest to you.


Kelly Block, MP