Another Liberal Cover-up

Dear Friends,


Canada was nearly plunged into an election this past week, as the Liberals did everything they could to continue their WE Charity Scandal cover-up.


On Tuesday, the Conservatives tabled a motion calling for Parliament to create an Anti-Corruption Committee to investigate the WE Charity Scandal and other instances of possible misuse of public funds for partisan gain. This would free up other Standing Committees to get on with their regular business.


However, the Liberals declared the motion to be a confidence vote, which would have triggered an election.


Our Conservative Caucus was not intimidated, and voted to force transparency. However, the NDP sided with the Liberals, voting against the Anti-Corruption Committee all to avoid an election. While the vote is disappointing, the manner in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau handled it is cause for great concern.


Not even a pandemic can contain Liberal entitlement and arrogance. The Prime Minister was willing to risk the health of Canadians just to avoid accountability.


In over 150 years, the establishment of a committee has never been a confidence vote in Canada, but we know that the PM is always willing to go above and beyond to protect himself and Liberal insiders.


Trudeau prorogued Parliament, filibustered committees for hours, and threatened an election all to avoid releasing information regarding his connection to WE.


How damning are those documents that he will go to these lengths to cover it up?


It is clear that in Justin Trudeau's Canada, there is one set of rules for regular, hard-working Canadians, and another for himself and his friends.


The crumbling facade of the Liberals as knights in shining armour has fallen away. They don't care about the economy, and they don't care about Canadians. All they care about is holding onto power. The Liberals are only in it for themselves, and Canadians deserve better.


I, along with my Conservative colleagues, will continue demanding accountability from this power-hungry government. We will not rest until the truth comes out.


I hope this has been of interest to you.


Kelly Block, MP