After nine years of Trudeau, economic productivity has collapsed

Productivity is output per hour worked.
Canadians worked a total of 34.6 billion hours in 2023 to generate a GDP of USD$1.8. trillion. This works out to USD$53 per hour worked. (OECD, Productivity Levels, 2023)
This is compared to $78 per hour in the US (OECD, Productivity Levels, 2023)
That means Americans produce nearly 50% more economic value per hour than Canadians, meaning they can produce more in less time.
Our collapse in productivity has become so severe that Canada’s productivity gap with the U.S. now stands at about $20,000 per person a year. (RBC Economics, June 2024).
An American worker now is nearly 50% more productive per hour than a Canadian worker (OECD, Productivity Levels, 2023).
This is because our workers don’t get the same investment in their tools and technology to build things.