After nine years of Justin Trudeau, job opportunities for Canadians are declining

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, job opportunities for Canadians are declining. This was confirmed by Statistics Canada today, who revealed that payroll employment fell by nearly 23,000 jobs in April.
While less Canadians found work, the number of job vacancies also dropped for the third consecutive month. In April, job vacancies fell by 32,000 as Trudeau’s job killing tax hikes continues to drive out investment in the Canadian economy. This is the fewest number of job openings since January 2021, when Canada was in the middle of a pandemic.
As a result of this, there are now 2.3 unemployed Canadians for every job opening that exists. Among those most affected are young Canadians. As the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Tiff Macklem, said in a speech this week, “with fewer job vacancies, it’s taking longer for young people entering the labour market to find a job, and their unemployment rate has risen. It's now about 2 percentage points above its pre-pandemic average.”
Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost. Despite being warned that his tax hikes are hurting Canadians, Trudeau decided to increase taxes on small businesses at a time when employment is weakening and Canadians’ paycheques are shrinking.
Only Common Sense Conservatives will bring home powerful paycheques by designing a tax cut that will lower taxes on working Canadians and their businesses.