After eight years of Justin Trudeau

After eight years of Justin Trudeau, he is not worth the cost. Trudeau has doubled rents, mortgage payments and downpayments, while his record deficits led to historic interest rate hikes, forcing struggling Canadians over the edge. In Trudeau’s Canada, it’s clear that you can't afford to live, but you also can't afford to die. In Newfoundland and Labrador, there are 28 dead bodies in a freezer outside of a hospital, because their families can’t afford to bury them.
Today, Statistics Canada confirmed that Trudeau’s inflationary spending and carbon tax is making life more expensive for everyone. As a direct result of Trudeau’s economic mismanagement, Canada’s inflation rate has climbed, yet again. In fact, we’ve seen mortgage interest cost go up by over 25% and the price of gas up by 4.5%, coinciding with Trudeau’s April Fools' carbon tax hike. Trudeau just doesn’t understand that if you tax the farmers who produce the food, the truckers who ship the food, and the grocers who sell the food, you tax the family who buys the food. This applies to everything that Canadians buy or sell.
As a direct result of this, the Bank of Canada will have to keep interest rates at or close to their current levels when millions of Canadians begin to renew their mortgages. Justin Trudeau just isn’t worth the cost.
During this affordability crisis, the last thing Canadians need is higher taxes and more inflationary spending that drives up the cost of everything and keeps interest rates high.
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we’re seeing from this Liberal Government. David Dodge, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada has said that “this is likely to be the worst budget since the MacEachen budget of 1982.” That’s why Common Sense Conservatives will only support the budget if Trudeau turns the hurt his government has caused into the hope Canadians need by agreeing to the following conditions:
1. Axe the tax on farmers and food by immediately passing Bill C-234 in its original form.
2. Build the homes, not bureaucracy, by requiring cities permit 15% more home building each year as a condition for receiving federal infrastructure money.
3. Cap the spending with a dollar-for-dollar rule to bring down interest rates and inflation. The government must find a dollar in savings for every new dollar of spending.
Stop the inflationary deficits that are driving up interest rates. Stop endangering our social programs and jobs by adding more and more debt. Stop until Common Sense Conservatives can start governing with common sense for this country. Only Common Sense Conservatives have a plan to bring down the cost of energy, food and everything else.