70% of Canadians oppose the carbon tax

The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of Canada's Common Sense Conservatives, announced that if Liberals don't vote today to spike the hike, Conservatives will call a vote of non-confidence so Canadians can vote in a carbon tax election:

"After eight years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians are suffering. The Liberal Government’s carbon tax has driven up the cost of everything, forcing millions of people to line up outside food banks, while families have to choose between heating their home or filling up their car. One in ten people in Toronto are having to use food banks while even members of our armed forces can’t afford to feed themselves after Trudeau’s endless taxes and inflationary spending.

"Life has never been so hard in our country, yet Justin Trudeau has decided to hike the carbon tax again on April 1st by 23 percent. This will make everything more expensive at the worst possible time. Trudeau just doesn’t understand that if you tax the farmer who makes the food, and the trucker who ships the food, you end up taxing everyone who buys the food.

"Now, in a desperate last-ditch effort to save his historically unpopular government, Trudeau is lying to Canadians about the carbon tax rebates. But the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer has been clear that most Canadian families will pay more in tax than they will receive in the rebate. This year, Trudeau's carbon tax will cost families in Alberta $911, Saskatchewan $525, Manitoba $502, Ontario $627, Nova Scotia $537, Prince Edward Island $550 and Newfoundland and Labrador $377.

"Canadians have lost faith in the Prime Minister and his endless tax hikes. 70 percent of Canadians oppose the April 1st tax hike. And 70 percent of provincial Premiers, including the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, have also joined with Common Sense Conservatives in demanding that Trudeau scraps this unnecessary increase. Provincial Liberal Parties in Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have also called on Trudeau to end his signature tax increase.

"Common Sense Conservatives will give Justin Trudeau one last chance to spike his April Fools’ tax hike. But if Trudeau does not declare an end to his tax hike today, Conservatives will call a vote of non-confidence in his Liberal Government so Canadians can vote in a Carbon Tax Election.

"Canadians will have a simple choice to make between the carbon tax coalition of Justin Trudeau and the NDP, or Common Sense Conservatives who will build the homes, fix the budget, axe the tax, and stop the crime. We will turn the hurt Trudeau caused into the hope that Canadians need."