30% of young adults in Canada are living in poverty

After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians can’t afford to take a summer break.
The cost of rent, mortgages and downpayments have all doubled while families are expected to pay $700 more for food this year than they did in 2023.
As Canadians struggle to make ends meet, the Liberal-NDP coalition with the support of the Bloc Quebecois have decided to award themselves a three-month summer vacation.
When Common Sense Conservatives put forward motions in multiple Committees requesting to continue working through the summer on the issues facing Canadians, the Liberal-NDP coalition and the Bloc all voted against them.
Common Sense Conservatives want to continue working to find solutions to the mess Trudeau has caused. Trudeau created a cost-of-living crisis with his inflationary deficits and wasteful spending, which is forcing Canadians over the edge and unable to wait until the fall. On top of this, the Liberals' spending caused interest rates to surge, leaving too many Canadians with monthly bills they can’t handle.
That’s why Conservatives proposed a reasonable work plan for the summer. But the lazy Liberal-NDP coalition preferred to go on vacation.
Worse still, one NDP member put forward motions that would’ve ensured committees could not investigate Trudeau’s $60 million ArriveScam, which is now under multiple RCMP investigations, as well as corruption at the Green Slush Fund.
Conservatives fought off these motions so Canadians can get the transparency they deserve.
Canadians don’t get a three month summer vacation, so neither should Justin Trudeau and the NDP-Liberal Government. Only Common Sense Conservatives will continue to fight for Canadians.