2023 Ends with Record-high Rent Costs

After eight years of Trudeau, no one is immune from the inflationary taxes and spending that have resulted in the doubling of housing costs and the affordability crisis. Our brave men and women who serve in our military are proud, and they should be proud of their service. Sadly, they too are experiencing homelessness and struggling to make ends meet after eight years of this Liberal Government’s neglect and inflationary policies.
A special committee of the Nova Scotia Legislature heard how current serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) were camping in the tent communities that have swelled in record numbers around Halifax, living in their cars or couch-surfing. The Executive Director of the Royal Canadian Legion Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command described this as “a serious incident or epidemic.” The Division Chief of Emergency Management for Halifax said, “People cannot afford to live here. They cannot secure housing, they cannot secure a rental… they’re regularly now going to food banks.”
Common sense Conservatives are the only party standing up for our troops and demanding answers from the Trudeau government that has neglected them for eight years.