2021 Fall Economic Statement

Dear Friends,

Earlier this week the Finance Minister unveiled her Fall Economic Statement. 

Unfortunately, it was a big disappointment as it failed to address the biggest crisis facing Canadians across the country today, the rising cost of living.  

The Liberal’s high-tax, high-deficit agenda will continue to cripple our economy and lead to a higher cost of living. 

Justin Trudeau’s disinterest in monetary policy has led this country down a troubling path. Canadians from coast to coast have said that the out-of-control inflation is causing life to become less affordable.  

His inflation tax is eating away at the paychecks of middle-class Canadians and the Liberals are doubling down on their inflationary economy with even more spending and deficits. 

Inflation is on course to reach a thirty-year high. Housing and gas prices have risen by a third. Family spending on food is set to increase by $1000 per year on average. This is unacceptable.

It’s obvious, the Liberal plan is not working, this was made clear in the economic statement where it was confirmed that economic growth came in over a per cent lower than expected. 

The bottom line is that life is getting more expensive for Canadians, and the growth of our economy is being stunted by this government. 

My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to be the voice for Canadians left behind by this Liberal government’s policies.  We will hold the Liberals to account for their failing economic strategy.